Classes and Fees

Sanshin:  an Okinawan instrument which consists of a snakeskin-covered body, a hardwood neck, and three strings. Sanshin is now considered the main instrument across the Ryukyu archipelago. The tradition that is central to Okinawan music is known as uta-sanshin (song and sanshin) as there is no extant instrumental tradition in the Ryukyus.

Kuuchoo: a three-stringed instrument played with a horsetail bow. It is about 27.5″ long and is played upright. It has a ebony neck and a body made of snakeskin wrapped on a hollowed coconut or Stylax japonica tree.

Fwanso: a bamboo flute introduced by the Chinese. It is used to follow the melody of the uta-sanshin.

Eisa Drums: Eisa is a form of folk dance unique to the Ryukyus. There are two types of drums: the shimedaiko, a medium rope-tied drum, and the odaiko, a large barrel drum.

Odori: traditional Okinawan dance

Shishimai: traditional lion dance requiring two performers, one for the head and another for the tail

Uchinaaguchi: Okinawan language lessons using the textbook for beginners, Rikka-Uchinaa-nkai!



Annual Membership fee:  $20 per household


Rates and class fees vary. Please contact us for specific rates.


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